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Estate Planning

Six Reasons to Plan Your Estate

Estate planning is an easy task to put off. Maybe you think it's too early; maybe you think you estate is too small. Here are six good reasons why you should plan your estate now.

With a Plan
1. You decide who receives a share of your assets.

2. You decide how and when your beneficiaries will receive their inheritance.

3. You decide who will manage your estate (executor, trustees, etc.)

4. You can reduce estate taxes and administrative expenses.

5. You select a guardian for your child.

6. You can provide for the orderly continuance or sale of a family business.

Without a Plan
1. State laws determine who inherits your assets - they could pass to an estranged relative.

2. The terms and timing are set by law. Your children could be left unfettered control of a sizeable estate.

3. The court appoints administrators - administrators whose ideas may not be compatible with your own.

4. Costs are usually greater, due to required administrative expenses and possibly unnecessary taxes.

5. The court appoints a guardian for your child.

6. An untimely forced sale may cause financial loss and family hardships.

Trusts can be used to help avoid probate or help reduce estate and income taxes. They can be used to help transfer assets for the protection of your children, to avoid taxation of life insurance in your esate or to keep your assets intact while paying income to someone you designate.

Insurance Services
Life and disability insurance are about risk. Risk is the exposure to the possibility of loss. Risk can be assumed, ignored or transferred to a risk bearer. By asking questions and listening to your answers, I am able to help recommend, and help you implement, appropriate strategies to meet your personal and business needs and objectives.

The use of trusts involves complex tax rules and regulations.  Consider enlisting the counsel of an estate planning professional and your legal and tax advisors prior to implementing such sophisticated strategies.  The cost and availability of life insurance will depend on factors such as age, health, and the type and amount of insurance purchased.

Registered Representatives of Horner Townsend, & Kent, Inc. do not offer tax or legal advice.  For advice concerning your own situation, please consult with your appropriate professional advisor.

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