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At American Financial Alliance, we create customized plans with knowledge, experience, and expertise to reach your life goals. We provide financial solutions for you to engage life for better quality:

Custom-Designed Plans

We work with you to design the best plan for your specific situation.

Helping to Reduce Administrative and Mutual Fund Fees

We work hard to research investments that fit your risk tolerance and overall financial plan.

Using the Reputable Plan Service Providers

We work with top notch 3rd Party Administrators that offer high service quality and competitive fees.

Model Portfolios and Investment Selection

We believe smaller number of high quality investments work best, and professionally managed model portfolios will help you achieve better investment results.

Individualized Investor Advice and Education

We want to educate you on your investments and retirement planning.

Working in Our Clients' Best Interest

All of our recommendations are made with your best interest in mind.  We are always looking for ways to help you achieve your goals.

You Choose: Asset-based Fee or Flat Fee

We have two ways of working with clients: asset-based fee for investments or flat fee for financial planning.


American Financial Alliance, Inc (AFA) provides knowledge and power for you to take control of financial lives.

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Pai-Su Kang, CFP®, CEBS®, MBA

Investment Adviser Representative

(973) 287-3557

(201) 984-5433

[email protected]

Pai-Su Kang helps clients with a wide range of wealth and financial management services, including retirement planning, pension planning, estate planning, and employee benefits. For almost twenty years, Pai-Su Kang has been helping...

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