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Small Business Owners Financial Planning

We specialize in: Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plans, Group Insurance and Executive Benefits.  There are many important questions to consider when it comes to planning for your business.  As a business owner, you have a lot to balance.  The future of your business still needs to be addressed- and the decisions you make no will prove vitally important to its financial health and longevity.  While every business is different, most small business owners typically have four main objectives at the core of their planning needs: protect assets, build wealth, create income and manage taxes.  We create customized solutions designed to manage risk, create attractive benefits for key employees, and prepare for your retirement and the succession of your business. 

Here is how we work with you to build your business compensation package: 

Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plans

Group Insurance

Executive Benefits

78% of small business owners plan to sell

their businesses to fund their retirement,

and the proceeds are needed to fund 60-100%  

of their retirement. 

Source: FPA/CNBC Business Owner Succession Planning Survey (April 2015)

Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plans:

At AFA, we help business owners with tax reduction strategies and retirement savings through appropriately chosen and structured employer-sponsored retirement plans.
As a business owner, you want to offer a compelling retirement plan benefit to attract and retain talented employees. Naturally, you also need to control costs and ensure that regulatory and fiduciary obligations are met. 

We specialize in helping small to mid-sized employers assess the options for their corporate retirement programs, whether it’s an established business, professional entity, mom and dad shop or solo enterprise.

We work with actuaries, tax and legal advisors to create a customized plan that balances the employer’s goals, the employee’s needs, and the available resources.

We work with your organization by:

  • Custom-Designed Plans: At AFA, we consult with you to find the right solution based on your unique challenges and specific needs. We listen to you and then we deliver.

  • Rewarding Key Persons | High-Performance Managers or Employees: Most Profit Sharing/401(k) Plan sponsors have the basic understanding that plan contributions must not discriminate in favor of the owners or key and/or talented employees. However, the fact is that certain methods will better enable the business owner to control the cost of allocations to non-owners, while preserving desired allocations to owners and other executives.

  • Plan Restructuring: In addition to new retirement plans, we also facilitate analyzing and restructuring existing plans. An AFA plan review may reveal opportunities pointing to a better-quality plan with greater participation and savings.

  • Minimizing Costs: We research for quality low-cost investment platforms with long track records. 

  • Partnering with Plan Service Providers: We work with top-tier Third-Party Administrators that offer creative ideas, high service quality, and competitive fees.

  • Working on Behalf of Our Clients: This is our guiding principle.  Our recommendations to you are made with "you" in mind.  We are constantly looking for ways to help you achieve your unique goals.

Group Insurance:

At AFA, we will help you find a leading, cost effective core benefits program aligned with corporate objectives to attract, retain and reward your people.

The insurance program can cover the following areas:

  • Medical Insurance: HMO, POS

  • Cafeteria Plans

  • Disability

  • Life and AD&D

  • Vision

  • Long-Term Care

  • Critical Illness

  • Voluntary Benefits

  • Employee Assistance Programs

Executive Benefits:

In today’s increasingly competitive business environment you may be looking for new ideas to attract, retain, and reward key employees.

Finding unique and cost-effective ways to reward your key talents can be challenging, 

particularly if you are looking to provide a “Golden Handcuff” incentive for your key employees to stay with your business.

Only 36% of small business owners

establish some type of business continuity plan.

Source: Sizing up Small Business Owners: Product Owner Trends Report. LIMRA (2015)

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